• Deka
    We're introducing Deka, an app that helps you get the right place
    at the earliest possible time.

Deka is here to bridge the gap between consumers, realtors or anyone with a property to rent out or sell. Deka will essentially simplify the whole process of attaining a property at the earliest possible time, from discovery, to desire, to acquisition.

Browse Listings

We have listed apartments, empty lands, furnished homes and holiday homes available for rent, sale or lease.

Show Interest

You could include what price ranges work for you and what facilities you’re looking for, then select I'M INTERESTED.

Send Request

After signing in, a request is sent to the administrative end of Deka with your details and the property you showed interest in.

We have kept a minimalistic interface to allow for a seemless user experience.

Simple & Customized

It is quick and easy to get started with Deka's user-friendly interface. Deka is also free for download.

Varied Listings

Browse apartments, empty lands or furnished homes available for rent, sale or lease.

Customized Search

The app can show you a home based on location, price range or facilities available.

Virtual Tours

This new feature allows you to experience a 360° panoramic view of every room as you walk through the house using your phone.

Let's take a walk, shall we?

Sometimes photos aren't enough to get a feel of your new home, we solved this problem by providing a virtual tour.

This provides an immersive view of the property as if you're walking right through it, allowing you to inspect every nook and cranny of the house. This is available to you right from your device.

Go ahead...give it a spin!

Deka...a new way to find



Holiday Houses

Empty Lands